Friday, 30 December 2011

As Time Goes By

Current Position at 1400 UTC 30 Dec 2011 12:23N 32:35W, Course 262, Speed 6.5 knots under reefed staysail and reefed headsail, a glimmer of sunshine trying to poke through, 20 - 28 knots ENE and building seas around 3 metres.

It's 2pm, it was 2pm an hour ago also but skipper decided it was time to turn our clocks back an hour, so here it is again.  He is trying to get our night time watches in sync with the hours of darkness, shame really as I rather liked having an hours daylight at the start of my watch, oh well.

My sense of humour has gone missing today, when I look out the back of the boat I have that nasty feeling that the seas are going to look much the same as the ones we had on the way from the Canaries to the Cape Verdes, they are building all the time, lets hope the weather reports are right and they only last a day or two then we get some more comfortable conditions for a few days.

I can't think of anything entertaining to add, I come up with all sorts of ideas when I am on my 4 hour night watch, only to forget the lot when daylight comes.  We are having fun picking song titles for the subjects each day, we have stolen the idea from Brenda and David on Bandit (who are 4 days ahead of us), they saw it on another blog so we are all copying, Brenda is doing Movie titles, I have gone for the easier choice of Song titles.  It's sure more fun than reporting Captains Log, Atlantic Crossing Part Two Day Five - mind you being on the Starship Enterprise right now might be a really good option!!!!   

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