Monday, 19 December 2011

Groundhog day - again

sleeping on the floor but loaded upside down!!!
Position 19:04N 22.10W Course 220d, speed 7 knots, winds 20-25knots, seas still big but only 208 miles to Mindelo.

Monday afternoon, back to work after a hard weekend.  This morning sadly did not dawn calm and comfortable, it is just the same as yesterday, and the previous days.  Hanging out for a slight ease tomorrow but guess we will get what we get.

We are all starting to sleep a little better, the motion on the boat if fine for sitting on watch or snoozing but impossible for anything else.  I have decided I need 5 arms to be able to function living inside a bouncy castle, 2 for holding on with, 2 more for doing what needs to be done and 1 extra to do things like holding the toilet seat lid up so you can actually get to sit on it before it closes!!

It is getting warmer but still all sitting here with long johns on and plenty of layers of fleeces, thermals and beanies at night.  Somehow we thought we were going to the tropics but maybe we made a wrong turn somewhere.  On that note well done to John our friend and onshore weather man for being the only one to pick up on an incorrect position.

We still have Eye Candy and Tactical Directions reasonably closeby, with the other 6 that left with us spread out.  We are all looking forward to getting our anchors down soon. 

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