Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Its a beautiful day

Running radar repairs at sea
Position at 1345GMT 17:24N 23:55W, around 70 miles to run to Mindelo.

It seems we have finally peaked Everest and have slid down the other side, getting stuck on a few of the foothills now and again but mainly cruising along in the lowlands at last.  The high winds and big seas have eased, we now have about 15 knots and less than 2 metre swell but she's a lumpy and rolly old ride until the seas flatten more.

The Aussie boats must think we are having a race.  Tactical Directions tried breaking the multihull speed record yesterday, clocking 19 knots down a wave.  Eye Candy went for the monohull record and blasted down a wave hitting 13.9 knots.  Balvenie has been much more sensible topping at around 9 knots, she loves the big waves and just lifts up and lets them pass under her.  Despite our lack of record breaking we are in the lead, much to skippers joy!!

Our only fish, found once in port!!!
We practised some more acrobatics this morning, shed a few layers of thermals and fleeces and have almost got "tropics" attire on.  At last it is warming up.  We have had sunshine each day, but the wind had been very cool while it was strong, today is much better.

Still haven't deployed the fishing line, can't face a bloody massacre on the deck if we happen to catch one - we have plenty of food.

Last night was so dark, the waning moon has waned to a point of being about as bright a a planet and and not appearing until 3am, not much use at all.  We saw a fishing boat and container ship last night, the first traffic in days.  

Time for a nap, looking very forward to dropping anchor in Mindelo around dawn. 

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