Thursday, 29 December 2011

Shake, rattle and roll

Current position 12 noon 29 Dec 2011 13:21N 30:02W.  Gybed the boat at 9am and now steering 262 , wind 15 - 20 NE boat speed around 6.2knots.  Have headsail poled out on starboard to windward and staysail poled out on port.

Quite a comfortable night, all still feeling somewhat sleep deprived, but its so much better having three on board.  Tony hauled in a huge Mahi Mahi yesterday afternoon so we are filling up the freezer, smell abit like a Moroccan Fish market though.

Saw another ship earlier, and had to do more running repairs to the radar which keeps jumping off its belt, thank goodness it isn't up the mast.  That is plenty enough entertainment for today, rest of the day at leisure we hope. 

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