Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Starry Starry Night

Position at 1400 GMT 14:48N 28:25W.  Winds around 12 - 18 knots, mainly clear skies, Course 232, Speed 6.1 knots.
Weather finally started clearing just before dark last night, after enjoying our ultra fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner.  I had a sliver of a moon on my watch before it disappeared over the horizon, each night will broing more and more.  We had a great starry sky though, what a difference it makes.  
We could see Ventana and Tactical Directions last night but we have all separted a little more today.  Seas are rolly, so much so that this is about as much as I can type.
Tony has caught another fish for dinner though, well done. 

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