How the name came about -

1990 ..................... When the building of this yacht commenced, the owner Max Lovie, was keen to endow his project with some sense of history - his own family history.  His father's family had come to New Zealand from Scotland over a hundred years ago, leaving their kinsfolk in Dufftown, deep in the "malt country" of Speyside.

Being quite partial to a drop of the 'nectar of the heather', Max sought out places of note in his ancestor's hometown, hoping that one such historic place could appropriately grace his new yacht as a name.  The ancient Balvenie Castle  stands just outside Dufftown and the well known William Grant Distilleries in Dufftown produce an excellent single malt whiskey named after this castle.

So the yacht was named BALVENIE denoting the area in Scotland where Lovies are abundant and the place where the excellent Balvenie whiskey is still produced.

2003 ......................... As it happens Mark's father was also Scottish and although he didn't come from the same area, Mark spent many a summer holiday when he was young in Scotland, so we were more than happy and proud to keep Balvenie as the name for our beautiful yacht.