Sunday, 10 August 2014

Time to Install the Kitchen ….. July 2014

21 – 27 July 2014:  London

Turning Square Boxes into Kitchen Units

We were quoted £2,000 and 5 days work to have the kitchen installed by the professionals.  So no prizes for guessing what we did this week.

P7220121 P7240125

Over the years we have constructed the odd piece of kitset furniture that didn’t fall over when we touched it so decided to go for broke and took on the kitchen.  We armed ourselves with all of Marks families tools, then borrowed other tools from friends Helen and David, bought ourselves a jigsaw, long spirit level and various other essential items.  Once armed with all these necessary weapons, we sat down, actually read the kitset instructions and away we went!!

 P7240126 P7250128

We are very happy with our work, and despite the drawer units taking way too long due to incorrect instructions we had all the units in and level within the week, and that’s including laying the laminate flooring – something we had never done before.  We have decided however to leave the mitre cutting of the benchtops to the experts so the kitchen has gone as far as it can for now.

So Lets Start on the Bathroom

Fresh from watching more You Tube D.I.Y. Vidoes we were ready to take on the tiling in the bathroom.  Our previous experience of tiling did not bring back particularly positive memories but we had certainly learnt “what not to do!!”  We invested in a big grunty tile cutter and away we went.

 P7270133 P7240123

End of Week Four and Doing Well

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