Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Back in Malta ..... Mar 2010

The holidays are over, its back to normal life on Balvenie again.

We successfully managed to bring back a new wind generator, toilet seat and lid, numerous cruising guides, IPod speaker system and all manner of other bits and pieces we purchased while in NZ and the UK. Travelling on Ryan Air with a luggage allowance of 15kg each proved a challenge but we prepaid for an extra bag making a total of 45kg plus you can have one piece of hand baggage of 10kg each, I can't tell you how many times I weighed everything. At 20GBP per kilo excess baggage fee you need to weigh it!!! All was perfect, and for the price you just can't complain about these budget airlines.

So after several days of finding homes for all the new additions it is time to get stuck into some maintenance. We are trying to organise a new stainless steel stand so we can fit the Wind Generator (this is Malta, NOTHING happens at speed here), then there are the anodes which we need, they have been arriving every day for the last week but are still amongst the missing. The antifouling paint has just been ordered via the Internet with them phoning us back, excellent service so far and they come highly recommended so we will comment more on them once the antifoul is on, (free delivery within Europe).

As always there are a few glitches that are keeping us busy - yesterday our main laptop acquired a terminal illness and has gone into total meltdown, our hot water cylinder (yes the new one we spent weeks waiting for in Turkey) is tripping the mains power for the whole dock when it feels like it, and the engine wouldn't start and has required a new start battery to kick it back into life, the dinghy outboard went out in sympathy with the engine, skipper patiently took it apart and cleaned all its tubes and bits out before it finally decided it would continue cruising with us around the world!

Now we are starting to sand, Balvenie's paint work on the cabin top is getting tired so it is time to get into action and tidy it all up.

And then you wonder what we do all day ....................................

Oh , and for those of you looking for the Malta Cruising Info it's has now been added to a newer post. See Sunday 30 May 2010 - Wintering in Malta