Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas from Cape Verdes

P1010001 Just a short update as internet connection here is expensive and the days have flown by since we arrived in here in Mindelo.

Photos for the previous crossing posts will be added in Barbados or whenever there is reasonable internet access again.  Meanwhile we are leaving tomorrow along with Tactical Directions, Ventana and Toots, heading for the Caribbean!!  Our friends on Eye Candy are waiting for their friend to arrive in a couple of days so competitive Andrew will spend his entire passage trying to catch us, we are sure!PC140012

We had Christmas Eve drinks onboard Balvenie managing to squeeze 14 into the cockpit, so much easier when there is a lovely sandy beach, warm breeze and convenient dinghy landing for us all to congregate, but we managed and had a great get together.

Christmas Day has dawned somewhat murky and windy but Santa Claus’ GPS must have been working ok and he actually found us here in Mindelo.  We have been very lucky this year with goodies brought from New Zealand by Tony, and goodies from England when Marks Mum came out, very spoiled indeed. 

Inbetween precooking passage meals for the next 6 days I managed to slip in a leg of New Zealand lamb, which we had roasted with onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes – steamed beans, broccoli and carrots, gravy and mint sauce.  Served with a couple of bottles of excellent red wine and finished off with christmas pudding, brandy custard and cream.  We shared it with Tony off Tactical Directions.  Its a hard life on the ocean – well from tomorrow on it will be for a couple of weeks.
I’ll do more on Cape Verdes at some stage, but for now its time to get a good nights sleep.

The Final Part of our Atlantic Crossing is about to Begin!

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