Friday, 11 November 2016

Benny & The Jets–2 Days Tonga to Minerva ….. Nov 2016

09 – 11 Nov 2016: Passage to North Minerva Reef ~23 37.165S 178 54.301S

PB101475This morning at 0630 we arrived at what must be the most amazing anchorage in the world.  We have come about 270 miles SSW from the bottom of the Tongan chain and are anchored in 13 metres of depth in the South West Pacific Ocean.

North Minerva Reef has no land (rumour has it there is a tiny sandy knoll that pops up at low tide), just a circular coral reef with a west facing entrance, it is very weird dropping anchor in here when all you can see is ocean.

We had a good sail, we were one of about 14 that left Tongatapu, so far we have 11 arrived here this morning, we have quite a flotilla.PB101489

Our big excitement yesterday morning was seeing two jet streams, we have been wondering when we would start seeing signs of civilisation again ~ the last jet streams we remember seeing were when we sailed away from Panama, at that was 17 months ago.  Of course the other big news was the US election result, well who'd of thought, Donald Trump is going to have sole control of the little red button, maybe we should stay at sea for another few years and ride this out!!

We will update again once we move on, about to look at the weather forecast now, just heard some radio discussion of maybe leaving this afternoon - WHAT!!!!!!!

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