Saturday, 4 October 2014

The End To Our Time In England ….. Sept 2014

P916029716 – 23 September 2014:  London

The Last Week

We ended our trial run of all the systems at what we can now proudly describe as our luxury apartment, and moved back to Marks Mum to spend our last few days.

While I was busy doing shopping expeditions to purchase necessary delicacies like marmite, wild rice, decent tea, EasyYo yoghurt and other goodies, P9150280Mark pottered around with Jackie and managed to get a few odd jobs done around her home.

We had time at last to see more of Marks brother Greg and his family, but we didn’t get to see them nearly enough during our 3 months, the time has just flown by.

Marks Mum has been a real trooper and has made us immensely welcome, we have thrown her totally out of her routine, but she has never once complained.  P9160284Our original plan of staying with her for a week then moving into the flat as we renovated just never quite came to fruition, she has been an absolute gem putting up with us for so long, thank you Jackie. 

In no time at all we were squeezing all the food and boat bits into our luggage, throwing out most of our clothes and saying our final goodbyes.  We have had plenty of practice farewelling both our families over the last 20 years, but it has never gotten any easier.  This time was no exception.P9160301

We had a dream run around the M25 at 6am, dropped our hire car back, walked across to departures, checked ourselves in at an automatic machine for our British Airways flight, dropped off our luggage and were through to airside at Gatwick just over an hour from leaving home, absolutely amazing. 

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