Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Alone Again, Naturally ….. November 2016

PB231802Day 4 Underway Minerva Reef to Opua, New Zealand

Position at 5pm 22 Nov 16 

30 06.882s 175 18.946e
Heading 200T, Speed 6 - 7 knots,  Wind up and down still anything between 15-22 knots ESEovernight, eased some today as we sail into the centre of the high.  Should start backing to the east then northeast

Seas up overnight but settling down now and hopefully will continue to flatten

30% cloud cover, been a lovely day much warmer with some sun

Miles to run  314 to Customs Dock in Opua

Another 24 hour run over 150 miles, very happy

Yesterday afternoon we had 2 sails appear on the horizon behind us, so lovely to have some company we could actually see.  Neither responded to our calls on the radio though and we lost them at sunset as they went on by without lights on.IMG_0605  We think we know who they were, 2 boats in Minerva that didnt mix with any of the rest of us, some cruisers are just above the rest of us peasants!!

We have lots of boats around still though, we are all converging on the same point of course and the boats that left Friday are being hunted down by those that left Saturday.  The fastest should get in late Thursday afternoon, then Customs will be very busy with 26 of us from Minerva, 2 are coming direct from Tonga, and we know of three from Fiji - all due overnight Thursday or before dark Friday , then its party time in Opua.  The final dinner for the Island Cruising Club Rally Week is on Saturday night so we hope to make that and celebrate our arrival home.

Not much else to report, no dolphins, no suicidal flying fish on the decks today, a couple of seabirds passing over - all quiet back in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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