Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Walk The Line ….. November 2016

09 November 2016:  Departure from Tongatapu, Tonga to Minerva Reef

PB071451Filling the Days

Our life seems totally dominated by the weather at present.  We have had overcast skies for days, some thunderstorms, strong winds when lulls were forecast, dead calm when there should have been breeze.  All up the weather has been very unsettled and it is taking toll on all of us waiting to leave, still 19 yachts.  A few have tired of the wait and left, we listen to them on our radio net, their motors running in the background as they have no wind. 

We have snorkelled two of the nearby wrecks, some gorgeous bright pink coral cling to the rusty structures, an assortment of small tropical fish dart in and out of the crevasses, there are many places to hide here.PB071444 

We have now spent the last of our money on more diesel and a few more fresh fruit and vegetables.  If the current forecast models are correct we may be in Minerva Reef for several days, there is absolutely nothing there except lobster to catch and fish to hook, shouldn’t be all bad!

It’s NowTime

Previously when we have been on passage we have used song titles each day for our blog postings, it keeps us amused trying to think of a relevant title  – no reason to stop now!PB061428 

Until we return to land, this blog site will only be updated with text, maybe including a few ramblings of life on the high seas ~ if the seas aren’t too high!!

But if you want to see Balvenie’s actual position on Google Earth, we will endeavour to update it daily via satphone while we are underway (no promises),  you can go to either of the following sites to track our progress.

www.yit.nz/yacht/balvenie  www.blog.mailasail.com/yachtbalvenie

They will show Balvenie’s GPS position on the satellite map and supply a short update of how things are going.  To get to the text updates don’t scroll down on the map part or you’ll end up at the South Pole and we won’t be there!!  Just scroll where there are words.               PB071454We are in a flotilla of around 15 yachts, the unofficial Big Mamas to Minerva Reef Rally as most intend, like us, to stop in North Minerva Reef and await the next window between fronts to New Zealand.  Conditions for the 2 days sail to Minerva currently look favourable.20161029_143358

Ready To Draw The Last Line On The Circumnavigation Map

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