Monday, 21 November 2016

Once Upon A Time In The West ….. November

Day 3 Underway Minerva Reef to Opua, New Zealand

Position at 5pm 21 Nov 2016  27:53S  176:53EIMG_0610

Heading 200T, Speed 6knots,  Wind up and down still anything between 10-15knots back to SE.    Sea down to under 1metre with wind chop on top,  100% cloud cover and gloomy.

Miles to run ~ 466 to Customs Dock in Opua

Just a short one, wind just picked up again and getting bumpy     Crossed the date line so back in the Eastern Hemisphere after all this time, should have lost a day, but we already lost one when we arrived in Tonga, don't think we should lose another!  All ok, would like some more sleep and sun though.

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