Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Tide Is High & We Are Moving On ….. Nov 2016

Day 2 Underway Minerva Reef to Opua, New Zealand

Position at 5pm 20 Nov 2016   26:00S  178:44EPB161782

Heading 203T, Speed 6knots,  Wind up and down but trying to settle at 10-12knots ESE    Sea down to under 2metres and flattening,  80% cloud cover

Miles to run ~ 606 to Customs Dock in Opua

We snuggled in behind the south western corner of the reef at Minerva while the front passed below and the swell increased to over 3 metres.  Except for an hour or so each side of high tide it was very comfortable, all looked a bit gloomy in the grey skies after such an outstanding run of wonderful weather though.

IMG_0606On Friday the 18th 12 of the slower yachts decided to leave and start bashing their way to Opua, we couldn't quite see the attraction in going out into over 20knots of wind coming from exactly where you want to go, especially as the weather window has extended about 12 hours at the other end and everyone should get in without problems.

The rest of us waited, yesterday morning dawned  somewhat gloomy but the winds had eased to 10 knots and had backed slightly to the south south west - it was time.   We were 2nd out of the remaining 14 to leave yesterday morning at slack water,  I expect the lobsters and fish are very pleased to see us all leave.

We have had very variable winds, the speeds have gone up and down like a yo-yo, the direction changing just as frequently, but slowly backing around to the east, then it will hopefully settle in to a rhythm for a few days to push us on our way.

All's well on board, just trying to get some sleep.

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