Friday, 1 August 2014

Settling Into Renovations ….. July 2014

06 – 13 July 2014:  London

The Demolition Duo Continue Their Work

We started the week off with more demolition work.  We had organised a plasterer to come on Thursday and Friday to plaster the walls in the bathroom and kitchen so we needed to clear the rooms, and that’s what we did!


So that was the bathroom …. now for the kitchen – almost everything but the kitchen sink



Meanwhile Mark took the time to scrape off the flaking paint off the two walls in the lounge while I finished sanding the walls and woodwork in the bedroom.

A Day Off for the Tour de France

We did manage to sneak a day off and went into London to join several hundred thousand others to see the Tour de France.  It was a party atmosphere, all the roads were closed so it was great to just wander around soaking up the sights.


Here they come, don’t blink, you will miss them.  No time for two photos!!!


Piccadilly Circus in the Rain and What the Best Dressed Londoners Wear

P7070085 P7070088

End of Week Two

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