Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ticking Off The Rooms ….. August 2014

18 – 24 August 2014:  London

Finishing Touches in the Kitchen


With the gas hob installed we could finally attach both the benchtops and finish everything off in the kitchen.  Sounds quite straightforward and easy really but thanks to our professionally butchered benchtops, actually trying to line everything up to join the tops at the mitred cut  was almost impossible.

After several adjustments to everything that could be adjusted, then pieces added here and there to tighten it all up, we are happy that we have fitted it the best it could possibly be done.  P8220184

Next up it was attaching the range hood to the wall, (yes Mark is standing on the new benchtop to attach the hood!!) then the glass splashback was screwed onto the wall behind the hobs.  We carried on with all the “arms in the air jobs” with the wiring up of a 3 directional spot light. 

Then we had to get very creative to hide the gaps along the walls that were created to make the “unsquare” mitred joins marry together.  Out came my favourite power tool the jigsaw and I started slicing up the leftover pieces of the benctop into bite sized pieces to fill the gaps.  Then we put the matching splashbacks around the walls, tiled the windowsill and we were done.  The end result is great. 

P8240186 P8240187

P8240189 Now Back to the Bathroom

With the kitchen finished we moved our attention back into the bathroom.  Mark was back busy wearing his plumbing cap again. 

The taps, plughole and waste went onto the bath, all the pipes were attached and plumbed across the bathroom.  Tiling was finished down to the bath, the glass shower screen was fitted to the wall and the white bath screen was attached to hide the bath underside.   Trim went up between the tiles and ceiling, skirting boards went on to finish off the laminate flooring.  The heating radiator was refitted, the towel rail attached, extractor fan and power points refitted and small tiles laid as a splashback behind the hand basin.  We are still looking for appropriate light fittings and will cover the pipes if we have time, but all in all the bathroom is finished and it looks magnificent. 

We were quoted £2,500 to tile, install the bath, shower, toilet and basin.  There was a lot more to do than that and we have done everything ourselves in there.  As with the kitchebn, it’s been hard work but very fulfilling.  Here’s the end result …..

P8240188      End of Week 8 – Just the Living Room Left To Do

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Jean said...

You two would go well on the TV show the Block here in NZ. Looks great.
Jean and Alan