Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summertime in London ….. June/July 2014

25 June – 05 July 2014:  London

We have left Balvenie in Grenada for a few weeks and flown back to England.  

When we left England 20 years ago, we backpacked for a year through South America, Africa and Asia before settling back in New Zealand in 1995.  We rented out our two flats in London, one of which we have since sold,  the other has been tenanted for the 20 years we have been away.    The time has come for a major refurbishment so it’s time for maintenance in exotic places yet again.

How It Looked at the Beginning

P6280008 P6280010

The kitchen and the bathroom – definitely seen better days

P6280013 P6280014

Paint flaking off the bedroom walls, lounge looking very tired with more flaking paint and worn carpet

P6280007 P6280011

7 long days of solid demolition 

P6290017 P7020031 P7050034

Demolition Duo start on the bathroom and kitchen, what a mess!!

P7020028 P7020030

The hallway remains untouched, the bedroom walls completely stripped back and sanded

P6280012 P7010027

End of Week One

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