Friday, 8 August 2014

Painting, Painting and More Painting ….. July 2014

14 – 21 July 2014:  London

Concentrating on the Kitchen

The next week of our renovations saw delivery after delivery of boxes of our new kitchen arrive.  The lounge turned into the storage area, work shop, and makeshift kitchen. 

P7160111 P7160112

Meanwhile the real kitchen was undergoing a makeover once the plaster dried fully.  We went for clean and bright – good ole “Brilliant White”, but when the afternoon sun shone it was so bright we went for a grey feature wall to tone things down a little.

P7190115 P7190116

But the kitchen wasn’t the only room getting our attention, the painting of the bedroom was completed and for a couple of days it was all looking clean and tidy in there, until it too became a storeroom.  Painting also commenced in the bathroom – it was all go. 

P7190118 P7190117

Three Weeks of Hard Work

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