Sunday, 8 January 2012


riding along on the crest of a wave ....
Current position at 3pm GMT 12:54N 56:21W.  Guess what, we still have 20 - 25 knots of wind, lumpy 2 metre confused seas, but today it is clear and sunny again, very warm and Balvenie is romping along at over 7 knots.  By this time tomorrow we might be able to see Barbados and we hope to have anchor down before dark.

Todays song "Rawhide" has been chosen for it double meaning.  The verse of "Rolling, rolling, rolling" has become one of our theme songs , and yes - our hides are becoming somewhat raw (otherwise known as Boaties Bottom) with the endless hours of sitting on them as they wobble backwards and forwards on the cockpit cushions.  Arhhh, not for too much longer though.

Today is my Dad's 84th Birthday, well done Dad, thats quite an achievement.  And while thinking of my parents Tony and I were discussing rolly polly last night, of course talking about the sea state but then I remembered the yummy jam rolly polly pudding Mum often made when we were growing up, served drowned in fresh New Zealand cream, oh how good that was!!!

So there is little new to report from here, moral is high with the chequered flag in sight, possibly even the beat of a distant steel drum - or maybe thats just Thumper the watermaker going.  The fishing line has just been deployed, it really is still too rough but we would like to stock up while we can.  

Our wildlife spotting has not furnished anything exciting .  There have been sea birds now and again, right across the ocean, but we haven't seen any dolphins, turtles or whales.  Very unusual not to have any dolphins come to play, Tony is very disappointed.  We have seen a huge amount of seaweed, it just keeps on coming, acres of it and all the boats have commented on how much is floating around.  Might have to Google on arrival to see if there is a seaweed invasion going on.  There have been no amazing sunsets, no green flashes, no beautiful dawns (so never got to use that song title).  I have just been advised that the last few nights setting of the moon has been spectacular (I am asleep) and we are very happy to be able to see the Southern Cross low in the sky off our port beam, it has been truly missed in the Northern Hemisphere night sky.  We nearly have a full moon now so evenings are light, even if any cloud cover.    
One more evening watch to go ...................................

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