Monday, 2 January 2012

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

enjoying a calmer day
Current Position at 3.30pm GMT 12:03N 40:18W,  around 18 - 23 knots ENE, rolling NE swell becoming more uniform, sun is shining with a few fluffy clouds around.
We have now been out here for 7 days and have covered 981 miles which is an average of 5.83knots.  Not too bad considering we have had very little sail up.  We now have just over 80 miles to go to our half way point.

So here we are again but starting to feel somewhat more positive.  Todays song title was going to be "Things can only get better" but they have got better so we will stow that one away and hopefully not need to use it during the rest of our trip.

We have just unfurled the headsail right out for the first time for days, its on the pole out on windward and the staysail is sheeted in on port to stop us rolling, jury is out on whether it helps.  We had a real squally night with lots of rain and stronger winds, hopefully we have now left all that behind.  Balvenie is relishing the conditions as we fly along at 7.3 knots, pointed straight at the Mount Gay Rum Factory in Barbados.

Tony is off for his afternoon nap and has managed one step unaided across the cabin before crashing into the door frame - oh well at least he tried!!!

Used the last of our fresh greens for lunch, oh no it looks like we will get scurvy.  Had a slight hiccup when I went ashore to do the fresh produce provisioning on Christmas Eve in Mindelo, I only had a few euros left and all the ATM machines had run out of money, think there might have been  several people in Mindelo that didn't get any Christmas presents.  Well we didn't get much produce, but trust me, there are plenty of other food options onboard.   

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