Wednesday, 4 January 2012

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Current Position at 1530 GMT is 12:06N 45:52W.  The only thing changing from day to day is our position and mental state!!

Each day the weather forecast shows improvements tomorrow, then tomorrow arrives and becomes today and the weather shows improvements from tomorrow.  This has gone on now for several days and is becoming somewhat tiresome.  In fairness though, although the wind increased overnight it has dropped a fraction this afternoon - trying to hover at just over 20 knots and the seas really aren't big they are just very confused.
he jerky motion of the boat is still making it very difficult to do anything (as I slide off the chair, leg outstretched wedged under the fire extinguisher to try and give me some support).  Doing dinner last night was a battle and I crashed my wrist into the benchtop while using two hands to dish up, silly me I should know better by now but it is very hard to dish up one handed.

So as you can see my sense of humour has jumped overboard, I hope it was wearing its life jacket so we can retrieve it again one day.  Talking of life jackets, we are all developing rashes around our necks from non stop wearing. It's getting abit hot now for them too, but until the seas settle, or we anchor - whichever comes first and I suspect it may the later - we will keep wearing them.  Still too rough to fish, all those Mahi Mahi swimming around out there, what a waste.

I'll try and remember to take some happy pills in the morning to make tomorrows update a little more upbeat .... until then 

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