Thursday, 5 January 2012

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

still out here
Current Position at 4.30pm GMT 12:19N 48:37W, total cloud cover, rain squalls since 5am, winds around 17 - 23 knots, swell easing a little but still nice and rolly.

The positive news today is that we have an exceptionally clean boat, on the outside anyway.  We have been getting rain squalls all day, I am so pleased we have furling headsails, we just keep rolling them in and out.  We haven't had much wind in the squalls but know that if we don't shorten sail for a squall then that will be the one with plenty of wind in it!!

Passed another yacht overnight, it is just going a little slower than us, don't know who it is and couldn't raise them on the VHF so have just done the "Ships that pass in the Night" thing with them.

Thanks to everyone that is emailing words of encouragment, advice, news and gossip to us, we very much enjoy our daily connect to the outside world and love getting the emails.

We have turned our clocks back another hour so are now on GMT -2, it was still dark at 8am this morning so that will make it better, we still need to adjust 2 more hours to get onto Barbados time. 

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