Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Better Days

rolling along on a sunnier day
Current Position at 1700 GMT 12:02N 43:15W, nothing else has changed really, slight easing of wind, about 18-23 knots, seas still as lumpy as ever but swell starting to be a little more uniform, speed around 6.7 knots.

Well the highlights of the last 24 hours have been our half way party at 3am and no rain squalls.  The sails have not needed changing but it is cloudy again now so we are still on squall alert.  The sea state is still pretty awful really, but the miles are slipping away and we are now well under 1000 to go, yippee.

The fishing line did not get deployed, just too rough still to be on the back of the boat if we did happen to catch something, so it looks like spaghetti bolognese for dinner.  Wish I'd made up two weeks supply of passage meals, its a real challange trying to cook in this jerky roll.

Tony on Aussie Catamaran Tactical Directions is still coping single handed, he seems to have sorted out his autopilot issues but the latest on this afternoons sched was that his freezer has gone into meltdown, bugger. 

Kiwi's David and Brenda on Bandit have just one more night to go before arriving in Barbados, good on them.  Brenda very kindly bought us a Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding at Morrisons in Gibraltar and brought it all the way to the Canaries for us, the pudding was devoured at Christmas lunch and the cake hidden away and rationed, last rations tomorrow.... always good to have something to look forward to.

Skipper thinks I am sounding way too negative, I have told him he can sit here and type if he wants to.  I'd love to say I'm having heaps of fun out here and enjoying every minute but honestly I'm getting by, it's ok but I would much rather be where we were last New Year and thats having fun skiing in Switzerland!!!  

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