Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Chilling Out On Island Time

Position 09 54S 139 06W  It has been brought to my attention that where we arrived and where I said we had arrived were not in fact the same place, whoops!!  So this is just a short update to fix our position on the map and put us in Hanemoenoa Bay on Tahuata in the Marquesas. 
beautiful Hanemoanoa Bay

We have been here over a week now, there is nothing here, a lovely sandy beach ashore (bit of a tricky dinghy landing in the swell though), just two cousins live here in a couple of basic shacks, no phone coverage, definitely no internet or shops, just 5 yachts bobbing about at anchor, chilling out keeping ourselves amused.

Tomorrow we intend to make the big hop 9 miles across to Atuona on Hiva Oa, the winds and swell should be settling down so we hope the anchorage wont be too rolly, we will see

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Maggie Musselwhite said...

Hello Amanda! So happy to know you arrived safely.

Keep enjoying the Marquesas.
Looking forward for pictures.

Take Care...Maggie (former Harmony)