Monday, 3 August 2015

Surfs Up ~ Day 12 to the Marquesas

02 August 2015  ~  Position 05 39S 119 24W at 1730 UTC, 1130 Boat Time (Still on Galapagos Local)  0530 tomorrow NZ Time.
Course Over Ground 255dT, Speed Over Ground 7.3 knots,  24 hour run 164 miles.  

Lovely afternoon yesterday with not a cloud in the sky.  Clouded over some at sunset but had a good night with no squalls so we both got sleep rations.  Winds to 25 knots on and off swell running about 3 - 4 metres now, skipper has been steering and had Balvenie surfing down the waves, Admiral not so impressed!  Still flying double reefed main, reefed jib poled to windward, wish the swell would drop some.

Really not much to report except mundane things like sugar bowl flying across galley while being refilled, can of  Ginger Ale going into orbit all over galley and saloon ~ mixed nicely with remains of sugar, and if that wasn't a big enough mess down here the only fish we got yesterday was a flying fish that landed below at 2am and I stood on it before I realized what the noise was, so many fish scale have added to the mess.  Believe me these are not the conditions you want to be doing housework in!!

Are we nearly there yet??????  Absolutely not!!!!!
You can see our progress  on a map on our mailasail blog.  
Position at 2215UTC when sent via satphone 05 40.33S  119 57.34W  Another clear afternoon, bit windy though, 18 - 25 knots, hoping for an ease

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