Tuesday, 4 August 2015

So Far Away ~ Day 13 to the Marquesas

03 August 2015  ~  Position 05 41S 122 10W at 1730 UTC, 1130 Boat Time (Still on Galapagos Local)  0530 tomorrow NZ Time.
Course Over Ground 270dT, Speed Over Ground 7.1 knots,  24 hour run 166 miles.  

Not a bad 24 hours with the weather, quite clear skies with about 30 % puffy clouds that just hold a little more wind.  Wind SE 18 - 22, swell running about 3 metres now, not quite from behind and with a beam slap way more frequent than we would like. Still flying double reefed main, jib poled to windward has been furled in and out that many times on this trip, not quite a set and forget passage, that is for sure.
come on Ray, whats the matter?

Skipper is doing more work on Ray our autopilot that has gone on strike, so hard to do much in these conditions, everything rolls everywhere, meanwhile Arnie is doing a fine job of steering in somewhat tiresome conditions.
The Galapagos are so far away now but we are still operating on their timezone so it doesn't get dark till 8pm and then light just before 8am, so we have extended our sleep rations and are having from 7pm to 9am, thereby getting two 3 1/2 hour shifts each which is a little better plus we have had no reason for sail adjustments mid shift for 2 nights now.
You can see our progress  on a map on our mailasail blog.  
Position at 2230UTC when sent via satphone 05 44.64S  122 45.34W 

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