Friday, 19 June 2015

Who Painted The Moon Black? ~ Day 4 Panama - Galapagos

Position at 1415 local  1915 UTC  03 13N 083 37W   19 June
this looks nice, but is sure wasn't all like this
24 hour run will be 100 miles for the 3rd day in a row .
Currently sailing with a double reefed main and heavy reefed  gib.

We have been sailing since 1.30pm yesterday, initially in light winds and quite comfortable seas but then at dusk the clouds formed out of nowhere and gave us a very heavy blanket of cover for the whole night, boy was it dark out there.

Winds built to 18 knots true, right from where we want to go so hard on the wind, once again ~ when will it end?  Ocean swell and lots of other currents swells going on making for a messy sea once again, combined with the extra wind.
this flying fish didn't manage to escape, but it tried hard!!

Skies now clearing and wind easing a little, COG 270 degrees, SOG 4.2 knots, just trying to keep things comfortable.

Will have to tack at some point to get further south, wind not looking like co-operating to do this without tacking
All is well, still tired but at least not so many sail changes the last 24 hours and no rain or lightening
If this is the "milk run" I would suggest that someone has curdled the milk!!!!!

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