Thursday, 18 June 2015

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ~ Day 2/3 Panama - Galapagos

Position at 1215 local  1715 UTC  03 36N 081 53W   18 June
motoring in glassy seas
24 hour yesterday run only 100 miles, today wont be much better.
Currently motoring in under 2 knots wind, glassy seas but ocean swell and lots of other currents swells going on making for a messy sea, now sunny/hazy skies, COG 190 degrees, SOG 5.7 knots
Yesterday was horrible, started ok sailing with full sails in light winds but then forecast trough and thunderstorms came through and threw everything at us for several hours, torrential rain, lightening and thunder, winds from every direction but thankfuly nothing over about 22 knots.

skippers chatting to the passing birds
The heavy cloud cover stayed with us all day and night, with no breaks in it and an exceptionally dark night was not enjoyed.  After the storm passed the seas were all churned up and have settled somewhat but we are still bobbing up and down way more than we should be
It also took all the wind so we are now motoring south trying to get to the light trades.
This morning dawned quite clear, there is cloud on the horizon, hopefully it will bring some wind. We are both well but very very tired and hot, about 540 miles to run.

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