Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Great Balls of Fire ~ Day 1 Panama - Galapagos

Position at 1515 local  2015 UTC  06 39N 080 25W
24 hour run 147 miles  currently  Sailing in Wind 9 knots SSW, calm seas but ocean swell, sunny/hazy skies, COG 205 degrees, SOG 5 7 knots

Had a great start with solid wind up to 20 knots just aft of the beam late afternoon and until dawn when things lightened up
Lost wind completely at 11am so have been motoring since, just put sails back up and sailing again but still quite light
Lots of distant lightening last night, but overhead starry skies and not a glimpse of the moon at all    Several shooting stars, wouldn't be surprised to find aliens in the dinghy when we drop it, one came down that close   Dancing dolphins at dawn stayed about an hour and a flying stingray did a couple of belly flops nearby    There also seems to be a major pelican migration going on, maybe they are going to the Galapagos too

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