Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Freebird ~ Day 7/8 Panama - Galapagos

Position at 2330 local  YESTERDAY  22 June was 00 05.77S 088 24W

COG 245degrees  SOG 8knots  Double Reefed Main, Reefed Gib, True Wind 14 knots still just in front of the beam, 2 metre swell

Another Cloudy Day but no squalls since  morning, still 4 booby birds on the bow,

Zero Degrees South
A decent days sailing on a close reach, keeping things as comfortable as they can be for a windward trip.  The wildlife is increasing, 3 black tip sharks have swum by, 2 big turtles - one of which was face to face with a small crab, looked like they were having a standoff, well the crab wasn't going to eat the turtle, and I thought turtles were vegetarians so who knows what that was all about.
The booby birds have been making an invasion, they seem to think we are a small island and have all moved in, sitting (or should that be s*itting) on the pulpit, hanging on for dear life.  Think we peaked out with 12 of them up there and two on the dinghy davits at sunset.  They are great company and have been keeping us amused, spirits onboard are rising at last.

Zero Degrees North
We gave King Neptune a Mt Gay Rum on the equator and so far the South Pacific is being kinder to us than the North Pacific was.  The wind has backed some and finally is just in front of the beam and we are romping along doing 8 knots with everything still reefed (cant unreef the gib cos it will make the birds fall off!!!)

23 June
Heavy cloud cover again overnight but there was a spell of about 2 hours when it clearted and the stars came out at last, what a treat.
Land Ahoy, yippee
Land ahoy at 6.30am, just after dawn, reached the northeast tip at 8.30am then had one of the best sails ever down the lee of the island in flat water, about 15 on the beam, fabulous.  Amazing scenery, a few tour boats around, crystal clear water.  Lost count of the amount of giant turtles we saw, the clouds cleared and a brilliant blue sky has stayed with us now all day, it is stunning here.

Anchor down in Wreck Bay, San Cristobal, Galapagos at 1430 local (actually 1330 local, need to change our clocks another hour), a Danish boat we met in Panama here and an American one a day or so behind us so will have some company.

Our Agent has been and rid us of $1345 USD, the fees for our 3 month permit here and we gave (sold) him his 6 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label he asked us to bring.  He will be back in the morning with all the officials - meanwhile skipper has jumped overboard with the sealions to make sure our bottom is still nice and clean, then we will have a very early dinner and and VERY long sleep.

WE ARE IN THE GALAPAGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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