Saturday, 19 July 2014

Busy Time In London ..... July 2014

We are in London for a couple of months doing overdue major renovations on our apartment here that we have had rented out for over 20 years.  Our days have been spent pulling out the kitchen and bathroom, sanding, plastering, painting, pulling up flooring and making a huge mess.  Our nights are spent watching You Tube videos on How To Tile / Install a Kitchen / Fit a Toilet, Bath etc.  It is all go.  The blog will be updated with the rest of our Caribbean adventures for this season soon.

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Rhian said...

I have bookmarked your blog for years and only just realised we are both in Mt Hartman. I am in the bar and can see Balvenie safe in the marina! We follow you back to the UK next month but from Trinidad. Hope to meet up in the future!