Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Another Year Slips under the Keel ….. 31 Dec 2012


French Cay Harbour,  Roatan,  Honduras  16.21N  86.26W

Its New Years Eve and another year has slipped on by.

We have some minutes to use up on the satphone before the month end so I am just practicing again with sending through blog updates with shrunk photos, this time I’m sending 2 photos and we will see how long it takes to upload the email.  Its just a short update.  (It didn’t work, I have uploaded this normally!!)

All is well here, the sun is now shining after a very murky and squally morning.  We have finally caught up with our kiwi friends David and Brenda on Bandit who we spent much of last season in the Caribbean with.  We are having a potluck dinner onboard Balvenie tonight with Bandit and Samarang, we might just bring midnight forward to “cruisers midnight” of 9pm so we are all still awake. PC300039

Yesterday afternoon we went out onto the reef snorkelling and although the reef quality and fish were very poor we have never seen so many lobsters.  It’s a Marine Park here and the lobsters are on to it, they come out from under the rocks to get fed and just wander around happily as they have no predators here.  There are some seriously big lobsters here.

This afternoons planned activity is a trip into the Iguana Farm where there are rumoured to be 3,500 thousand iguanas.  Guess there will be iguana photos in the next update!  

Happy New Year

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