Saturday, 25 July 2015

Tequila Sunrise ~ Day 3 to the Marquesas

Position 02 12S 95 53W at 1730UTC, 1130 Boat Time (Galapagos Local)  0530 NZ Time
Course Over Ground 270, Speed Over Ground 7 knots,  24 hour run 154 miles.  Wind 15knots from SE, downwind, Double reefed main to leeward, jib poled out to windward.  Swell about 2 metres, reasonably comfortable now after a bumpy night.

did we double check for stowaways?????
Clear skies, a stunner of a sunrise and a real treat to see blue everywhere after the volcano shrouded islands of the Galapagos. Still cold at night with fleeces on but should get back into warmer waters soon.  All going well, got a little more sleep last night, no fishing fleet to contend with, just an uncomfortable messy swell.  No fish, well 1 flying fish and 2 dried up squid on deck this morning - lovely.

Still  got some Wilsons Stormpetrals with us feeding in our waves, the odd shark swims by and 2 albatross passed over earlier.  Mezzaluna is about 8 miles away, all good in the South Pacific.

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