Thursday, 30 July 2015

Chain Reaction ~ Day 8 to the Marquesas

29 July 2015  ~  Position 04 23S 108 29W at 1730UTC, 1130 Boat Time (Galapagos Local)  0530 tomorrow NZ Time.
Course Over Ground 265dT, Speed Over Ground 7.5 knots,  24 hour run 150 miles, similar wind conditions about 12-14knots from SSE, on the beam, still flying double reefed main, full jib, two sail reaching.  Swell about 1.5 - 2 metres, still a little lumpy at times but really conditions are still good although clouded over yesterday afternoon, pretty dark night and only a couple of hours of sunshine today. 

We're in the middle of a chain reaction, in the lead are Wapiti who left from Panama so they are really doing a long trip and are a couple of days ahead of us.  Ole are still ahead about 200 miles, they left Isabela about 40 hours before us and Mezzaluna are around 50 behind us now, doing well as they are smaller than us.

Wilsons Stormpetrals Romeo and Juliet only visited fleetingly this morning, hope they are not lost but the big news is we have hooked two Mahi Mahi this afternoon, the first escaped just before we got it to the back but we landed the second, such a lovely looking fish until we stuck the knife in, free food is great but gosh it makes one hell of a mess across the stern of the boat.

Nothing else to report, all well on board and thanks again to everyone sending through emails and news

You can see our progress  on a map on our mailasail blog.  
Position at 2250UTC when sent via satphone 04 28.37S  109 04.59W

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