Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Sun is Out and We are Off ….. Nov 2012

26 – 30 November 2012: Colon/Portobello, Panama
PA270089 And finally the Sun Shone – yeehah!

Many many years ago after 7 days and nights of rain Noah filled his arc up with the animals, two by two, and floated away.   This week after 7 days and nights of rain we didn't need to take such drastic measures - the rain did  actually stop, the sun came out, life returned to normal and the world became a much better place. 

We have had a very busy week with final preparations to leave for our next cruising season.  As soon as we got some dry weather we got the sails back on, scrubed another layer of green slime and mould off the cabin top and all the ropes, removed the canopy and dodger for more repairs and did 2 more runs to the supermarket and I have filled the lockers to overflowing.

Who’s a Birthday Boy then?
PB260014 PB260013
Somewhere in between all this Mark celebrated another year slipping by.  The rain stayed away for the evening and we had a pot luck pizza dinner onboard Balvenie , with Paul and Kate from Iolea, Sue and Andy from Spruce and Caroline and Bill off Juffa.  It is such a long time since we entertained in the cockpit it made for a great change and the new cockpit cushions were admired by all.  We also slipped in a couple of farewell get togethers, it has been a very social week, certainly great to have some fun after some very busy days.
PB180030Playing our ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’

With a reasonable weather window opening up for our departure north Mark spent yesterday morning checking out then travelling into Colon to collect our SSB Radio.  At 6pm last night he had the radio and tuner all rewired and attached and we are very happy to report that it is all in working order.  This morning we said our final farewells, let the lines go, motored out into the bay, hoisted our sails, dodged a few ships, exited the breakwater and pointed our bow eastwards – straight into the wind!  Always to windward, but it was only about 12 – 15 knots and once away from the canal entrance the seas flattened out so we had a good sail avoiding a few rain squalls and have anchored the night back in Portobello

Tomorrow we head north – next stop Providencia, 250 miles away

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