Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mykonos ..... June 2009

When we bought Balvenie there was a framed photo print on the bulkhead in the forward "guests" cabin. It looked great there, quite colourful and peaceful, and it made us dream of faraway places, way over the horizon. It is a photo of Mykonos, in the Greek Cyclades Island group.

So here we were in Mykonos, at last after over 5 years of heading over many horizons we have made it so we set out on our quest to find the shot of our print.

We headed into Mykonos town and down to the waterfront area, really not knowing where to start. It is an island after all, it could be anywhere.

And there it was, just like that, looking just a little different but certainly still recognizable. Unfortunately our camera doesn't have quite as wide an angle but we have got it, mission accomplished. Another one on the list of must do's successfully crossed off!!
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