Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bodrum - Back in Turkey ... Apr 2009

23-25 April 2009

We actually managed a good sail in brisk northwestly winds back across to Turkey to visit Bodrum, one of Turkeys busiest package holiday destinations and popular on Cruiseship itineries. Not really our ideal stop, but on the way so why not. We anchored below the stunning Bodum Castle close to town and sat back and watched the sun dip behind, then silhoutte the castle. Ideal, we thought, little did we know there was a Rock Festival on this week and we were anchored right by the venue. At 8pm we were almost blasted out of the bay, but we could cope with a free rock concert and surely it wouldn't go on all night. Then shortly after 8pm the neightbouring disco kicked in, affording stero sound but of different music, time for us oldies to leave!!!! We moved across the bay and anchored outside a large white hotel, had a peaceful sleep and were asked by the coastguard at 8am to move as we were in "a restricted area", oh well back to the castle.

We filled in our day ashore with hordes of tourists wandering around the quite cute little streets, along the waterfront, found a little 2.50Lira chicken doner place (now we know why cruisers hate to leave Turkey!!) then spent the afternoon in the excellent Underwater Archaeological Musuem located within the Castle. The Castle of St Peter, built in the early 1400's deserves a visit in its own right, with a collection of towers, courtyards and a dungeon but in addition to this the underwater museum (which isn't actually underwater, just displaying items found underwater!!) houses an excellent display of items found in Turkish waters, most discovered quite recently and dating back to the 14th century BC.

Next back out into the Dodecanese Islands slowly heading north.

Cruising Info:
Anchorage - Up in the bay to the east of the castle amongst the gulets. Good holding, just a little noisy a night!!
Money - ATM's everywhere, some dispense Euro alsoProvisions - Everything available, Tansas Supermarket behind the otogar, a few of blocks back from the beach, Carrefour and Marks & Spencers by the Marina,Fruit and Veg market by Tansas on Friday
Sightseeing - Bodrum Castle/Underwater Archaeological Museum. We spent around 3 hours in the castle and the 10Lira pp entrance was well worth it.
Internet - Couldn't pick up any unlocked signals at anchor, some free wifi cafes ashore

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