Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Still in Marmaris...Feb 2009

Oh dear, where are the days going. It's the middle of February and the days are sliding by very quickly and still so many "winter boat jobs" to do. As you may have noticed the blog updates have not been happening. I have been very strict and try not to spend any time during the day on the computer, well you start looking at one thing, then that leads to another then 3 hours later you still haven't looked at what to started looking for. I have, however, been uploading some web albums so if you'd like to look at some of our pictures go to http://picasaweb.google.com/yachtbalvenie to see our happy smiley faces in some very interesting places.

No, I have been chained to the sewing machine. Balvenie will, for the first time since we have owned her (now nearly 6 years), soon be the proud owner of new canvas work on everything. Over the years we have accumulated a collection of colours of canvas on various things and we were starting to look like a floating patchwork quilt, so my mission, which I chose to accept, was to make a new dodger, canopy, awning, sun shades, 7 winch covers, 2 outboard covers, liftraft and bar b que covers, phew, and remake our year old mainsail cover so it actually fits and theres always the possibly of adding a new dinghy cover so it matches too. So if you are thinking I have just been sitting here with my feet up enjoying the wind and rain, you are wrong!!!

Talking of rain, we are sick of it, however today it did not rain and we had our first sunshine all day since "the big nasty storm", it has been a long time coming and was enjoyed by all, it even meant I could get out and do a proper fitting for the canopy without getting everything wet.

We are off to the boat show in Istanbul on Wednesday for 4 days, Day One -14 hours on the bus up , Day Two -3 hours at boat show and afternoon Bosphorus cruise, Day Three - play time, Day Four - yes you guessed it another 14 hours on the bus back!!!!, still the other Marina (Yacht Marine) is organising it and sponsoring it so its only 60Lira each for transport, show tickets, cruise AND Yacht Marine Waterproof Jacket so may as well make the most of it. Added bonus is I get to escape from the sewing machine.

More to come on our return from Istanbul

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