Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas in Marmaris ..... Dec 2008

December 2008

****There's not too many places on a yacht to put the Christmas decorations, but we do our best, inside and out!!!!!!****

Merry Christmas everybody

After a very busy month back in New Zealand and a record breaking 55 1/2hour trip from Auckland back to Balvenie things have been a little slow on board since my arrival back, I suspect they were a little slow during my absence also!!!

It is Christmas Eve, the Christmas emails have all finally been dispatched, if you missed out it must be because we have lost your email because we have sent plenty. Tonight we go down to YachtMarine, the other marina here in Marmaris, to join several friends for a pot luck dinner. We will have to tuck up warm as it is forecast to go down to 2c overnight, goodness me it must be snowing somewhere close by. The days are still mainly sunny, so ok out of the wind but it certainly does have that winter feel to it and after no winter for 5 years it is quite an adjustment for us.

Marmaris is a different place now to the rowdy tourist town of mid summer, there is not a fat tattooed belly or an oversized body bulging out of undersized clothes with bright pink sunburned skin to be seen. Thankfully in winter Marmaris reverts to a pleasant, laidback, provincial town with the locals just going about their business, it's really quite a nice place to spend some time. Posted by Picasa

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