Monday, 4 April 2016

Nearly Time to Leave the Marquesas ….. Apr 2016

12 Mar – 03 Apr 2016:  Taipivai to Taioha’e, Nuku Hiva – 08 55S 140 05W 


Returning ”Home” To Taioha’eP3100001

Our sojourn away from “the big city” lasted over a month, it was hard to leave idyllic Taipivai but eventually we ran out of money and the closest ATM machine is back here in Taioha’e, so we have returned. 

Enroute we were thrilled to hook another 4 foot Wahoo, its only 6 miles so we nearly didn’t even put the line out.  We are very proud of our efforts as there are not too many fish being caught by the cruisers moving around here, although the local fisherman bring them in by the dozen daily.  So smiles all round for Team Balvenie!

Back Into a RoutineP3280017

We have slotted back into “cyclone season” life here easily, boats have been coming and going at regular intervals and it was great to catch up with fellow Kiwi/Aussie cruisers Phil & Fay on Jigsaw, when they arrived in from Panama.  We first met them in Grenada and last saw them in St Maarten .  It has been refreshing to share that unique kiwi sense of humour over many happy hours with them.  We hope to catch them again soon. 

We have been exercising daily weather permitting, and are normally joined for our walk by Spot and Goldie who have become much loved “Cruisers strays”, its fun to P3280021have these 2 lively locals accompany us everywhere, including our grocery trips when they sit and wait while we shop, we shall miss them when we move on but now would not be a good time to adopt a dog onboard!

Should We Stay or Should We Go? 

The Cyclone Season is finally drawing to the end, however water temperatures are still high and dodgey weather systems continue to form further west.  We gave much consideration to leaving earlier this week with Jigsaw, they have had a dream run and with friends to meet in the Tuamotus needed to move on. 


We decided to stay a little longer, there is a lot going on this weekend as we have the World ARC Rally boats arriving by the hour, over 20 have arrived already.  The weather for their arrival has been atrocious, possibly the most rain in one day since our arrival in August.  Still, they have all had an excellent free boat wash and when the clouds clear they will have the most amazing display of waterfalls they are ever likely to see, we counted 17 plunging down the cliffs when the clouds lifted briefly.  The Rally participants sail around the world in 15 months, makes our nearly 13 years seem very very slow!


Blue skies and hot sun have returned, all but one waterfall has disappeared, laundry is hung to dry from over 50% of the boats at anchor, Rally participants have been lucky to see this stunning place during all its mood swings.


P4030046I had a great Sunday morning hike this morning with the Mezzalunas, Jan off Dulcenia, and of course Spot and Goldie the dogs.   We climbed high up on to the eastern ridge, wild tiny passionfruit the size of grapes covered the path, the view at the top was sensational. 

We have grown to love this remote island group in the Pacific, thousands of miles from continents, we shall miss it.   

Skipper Is Checking the Forecast …. Maybe a Departure Soon!! 

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